Ghost Gear Disappear Inc. offers the following highly specialized services, among others. With 40 years of experience with fisheries, you know you can trust us!

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Habitat Inspections

  • Marine habitat underwater 4K video surveys
  • Environmental test sample collection from polluted sites
  • Aquaculture and fish farm sample collections and 4K video inspections
  • Shallow water inspection and also as deep as 300 meter
  • Marine Habitat Inspections
  • Video Documentation of Commercial Fishing Methods
  • Fishing Gear Improvement Testing and Documentation
  • Marine Related Products Testing

Infrastructure Marine Inspections

  • Hydro-electric Dam Inspections
  • Infrastructure (Bridges, Wharves, Water Treatment) Inspections
  • Pre and Post Job Inspections

Beach recovery of fishing gear debris

  • Recovery of lobster and crab traps with minimum damage to lost gear
  • Underwater salvage of potential contamination from sunken vehicles or vessels
  • Use of minimal habitat disruption techniques
  • Beach recovery of fishing gear debris